The Benefits of Gyrotonic®

Gyrotonic® has been described as “yoga with resistance.” Juliu Horvath, a principal dancer in the world renowned Romanian State Opera, developed his Gyrotonic® system in the late 1980s at the White Cloud Studio in NYC. He based his system upon yoga, ballet, swimming, dance, tai chi and gymnastics. This fluid system of exercises – executed on the apparatus Horvath designed, the Gyrotonic® Tower/Handle Machines – uses hand- and foot-operated wheelbases and suspended pulleys to create resistance. 

There are 50 sets of exercises – with about 130 variations – to stretch, bend, twist and turn muscles with minimal effort. Horvath’s unique Gyrotonic Expansion System® of exercise allows you to develop:

• increased range of motion
• cardiovascular and aerobic stimulation
• neuromuscular rejuvenation
• improved balance 
• better coordination

The Gyrotonic® system emphasizes breath control, controlled resistance, and the development of flexibility and strength. Horvath’s exercises encourage a complete range of circular motion and full articulation of stabilized joints. All major muscle groups are worked interdependently with corresponding breathing patterns.