Kristina Deimel


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Kristina’s love of anatomy, fascination with how the body works and interest in health and disease led her to develop an early interest in sports and movement.  She has enjoyed rock climbing, long-distance bicycling and competitive running, and actively walks, hikes, bikes, and gardens.  She was a volunteer EMT in the local community for years.

Pilates became a natural progression to her personal exercise history, and opened up an entirely new and endless avenue to explore movement and health, allowing a deeper and deeper look into the myriad ways our individual bodies move and work.  For years she has been exploring different ways to teach the Pilates repertoire, from pure classical to more modern approaches, and from fundamentals to advanced work.

Kristina guides and inspires her clients with creativity and curiosity.  Whether you have injuries and limitations, or a healthy body, she can help you to find overall strength and confidence, and achieve a more balanced, happy and healthy-functioning body.

Kristina’s Rates

Equipment Classes

By appointment only.

I am currently not accepting new equipment clients. You are welcome to come to my mat class:

Tuesday  10:00 am  Fundamentals
               $ 12/class, cash or check only
               Drop-in basis, 55 minutes
.                Mats provided
.                Wear comfy clothing